C3x3 Trilogy

DIE IV TY as Moriarty Mitch

Bellafonte IV as Cooter Bellafonte



Test Flight


Tin-Man Project

E-motion Sickness

Mixtape Cover.jpg

Out Of Orbit


CLOUD N!NE or C3x3 for short, is a Hiphop/Rap group that consists of members
DIE IV TY (as Fly Guy Ty Or Moriarty Mitch) From Albany, NY but born in Texas
and Bellafonte IV (as Cooter Bellafonte) From Lilington, NC but born in Alaska
They combine to make a very versatile and iconic duo
straying away from traditional norms and concepts.

DIE IV TY  just moved to North Carolina for College (at the time) and was told by his manager (at the time) that he should look for talented acts around the area, by doing this DIE IV TY only met one Local artist he liked his name was "Cooter Bellafonte" and he had a song called "Hate me 2"

They did one collab named "Untitled" and ended up creating CLOUD N!NE very early on.

The journey wasnt easy and the two artist did not always have chemistry, in fact their very first song on (Test Flight- named as such because it was a "test") 
The two are essentially arguing with each other, BY NAME!...

in during the 2nd project "Tin-Man Project" these two take somewhat of a minor break from the group but still show their individual forms of versatility, although the music was picking up, and people started noticing what these two were doing, it was extremely hard to get these types of artist to mesh. But you can tell from the music, that they simply just did mesh.

During the Creation 3rd Album "Out of Orbit" they'd realized the potential of their work... and it showed. "Out of Orbit" is a project that created the confidence you hear in their most known 4th project "Toast to Sin"

all of these songs were made being passed back and forth via internet
By this time they still hadnt even met face to face...