If youve found yourself here and you dont know why i will tell you.

What you are about to experience is a project named "Toast to Sin" by Die IV TY (As Moriarty Mitch) & Sauceman Bellafonte IV....

IF you havent heard their Trology you might want to take a quick step back and enjoy that.. because this project is about GROWTH

In The C3x3 Trology we find our DUO searching for a way to create a perfect combination between their two sounds

this is the personification of perfect chemisty

this is the first time the DUO has ever met in PERSON.

DIE IV TY was going to School in NC when he had met Bellafonte online, Bellafonte ended up going to the same school. Bellafonte hadnt been to NY yet and during his trip there, the two created this project for you 

"Toast To Sin"