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This is a fictional short story written by Tyre Amir King about a fictional character named
DIE IV TY and his horrible secret.To explain his secret he first tells you of a time he imagines directing a remake of “Michael Jackson’s” Thriller Video.


Short Story

"The Explanation of WEREWOLF and the thin line between Joy and Fear"


What is WEREWOLF all about?

I'm glad you care to have read this far

but i'm going to have to tell you not to go any

further than this.

This story represents a truth
A truth that you simply should never have wanted to know.


to be honest, if you know these truths, i'll have to then consider you a close friend.

As one willing to sacrifice their time enough, to figure out my secret
and As one to know that said person must actually be interested in me enough to want to know.

Keep honest are you just curious?


If so… then im going to have to tell you to GO AWAY immediately.

Go away and stay away forevermore before is too late. Yeah

i don't want anyone to carry the weight of my truth, especially someone who just wants to know to know it.

i need you to keep the secret like i keep your secrets.

Then i need you to keep keeping that energy.
I need you to appreciate this time, right now

I need you not to  judge me. have no expectation, no doubt.

i will never lie to you






k... so yo... im a WEREWOLF...like a real fucking WEREWOLF.

Yaaaas bish i was surprised too, like literally all the shits bro.. like when the moon is full i just burst out off all my versace and grow hella hair and beautiful fangs
like “wtf im hot”.
Wake up naked and confused, like how i imagine new babies feel, covered in blood and stuff




Get over yourself, childbirth is a miracle


ok now check this out...


That’s not even the secret!!

to get to the secret i first need to explain how i got the idea for the WEREWOLF Project.

i was sitting in a chair one day and was thinking of a idea for a movie i wanted to make, i was like yeah ima call it THRILLER
it'll be about Michael Jackson played by ME (cant think of anyone else who can pull it off)
and his Girlfriend LINDA, played by Beyonce probably (chill out Jay z, its just acting)


okay so boom..

They are walking right and you know the cars gas runs out and beyonce is all looking at me like…

"nigga you planned this"


and i'm like…

"yoo chill how could you think that of me, i happen to actually like you"


in my head i'm like..

"yooo how could you think i would only want sex? you are an amazing awesome person and you kinda look like beyonce"


sitting in that chair is when i had realized that i had just imagined myself playing Michael Jackson and as Michael jackSon imagining telling Linda, played by beyonce that she kinda favors beyonce…

and was totally distracted because i didn't always know that i was a genius.
I'm still getting used to it.


To be honest i don't even want Beyonce in the movie anymore.
i'm just explaining to you a thought i had, in the past, before i evolved so fully and whole.


honestly the movie should just be me on a chair continuously somehow getting your attention

“you” as the viewer i mean

for at least like 4 more hours


so im like..
“look linda...i really like you girl, im tryna be yo man im not one of these niggas out here tryna play with your heart , im not a fuckboi

if you'll have me, i'll never be able to give you what your giving me because their is simply not a thing in existence as valuable to me than you... the best i can do is give you a baby , wink wink"


Linda is all like ..
"ooooh Micheal Jackson, i heart you so much, you are so handsome ad your taste in things means the world to me for if YOU say i am the best thing in existence i know it to be true! take me!"


i as micheal jackson calmly place my index finger gently on lindas shivering lip
As if to say “shhhhh Linda” and said in my deepest sex voice


"shhhhh Linda... now that u ma girl, i gotta tell you my secret"


Linda staring into my deep into my eyes, eyes twinkling like deep fried Twinkies...

"what's good Michael Jackson?"


"Look Linda…im a werewolf...like a real fucking werewolf

yes i was surprised too, like literally all the shits bro, like when the moon is full i just burst out off all my versace and WAIT! ahhhhh


the moon is so

oooouugh full rignt now oooo argghh

i should




more accordingly




cause like, im like... transforming into a werewolf nd stuff right then


To be honest It made me think of plotholes


why am i not more concerned with how much gas i have?
like why don't i know its a full moon?

and i'm bringing this girl i supposedly LOVE out on a full moon night?



Well one thing was for sure...


Michael jackson is not perfect...


and i needed to step it up a notch…

A big notch…



I wanna say if you read this far you must REALLY love me, honestly.
i mean out of all the other things you can be doing right now!?
You are sitting here reading about me telling you a secret...
you honestly are amazing and i really appreciate this



But i also have to say though, if you don't love me, i really don't want you to read on.
this is very personal and it's not something i want everyone to know about me.

if you don't sincerely care about me and my wellbeing, then please

GO AWAY immediately

Go away and stay away forevermore before is too late.



are you confused?
or am i just mysterious hmmmmm?
you may never know



The more jokes i make the more i want to be a comedian
but then im like fuck i can actually be a comedian?
am i that depressed?
thats not even funny !
and then i laugh like...
REALLY HARD, so HAHAH i get it! HAHAHHA you are not alone!! AHHAHAHAHHA






i had to outdo michael jackson on this one….


kick it into full gear?

next Level

Big Levels


so i was like BOOM!

ill do an ALBUM called WEREWOLF and itll be about:

DIE IV TY is a character of whom will be played by me DIE IV TY
And BEYONCE will be played by my friend LINDA. (Chill out Jacob, it’s just acting)


DIE IV TY and BEYONCE go on a date blazy blah
We been seeing each other for a lil bit, doing fun stuff,
wine and paint
All you can eat sushi
lil cute shit like that

of course she's super hot & she's like…

And DIE IV TY like...
“yeah but i have a secret... and it's on my upcoming project, called WEREWOLF im worried that when i show you...
you wont like me anymore"


she's all like…
"Ty, "love"?, that shits forever and mine is real"

I don't believe her cause im all dark and sad and shit


i let her listen to the album and the secret in it.
The secret is that i'm a werewolf!
nd as she's finding out, i start to transform into it


at first she's scared but THEN! she's like…


  1. you aren't scary,

you are hot”


then throughout the rest of the story she's basically just chillin with me even though i'm a werewolf and she's cool with it, we still go grocery shopping, watch movies and stuff, ride on a horse.


BUT then!

i find out that she's actually scarier than i am, and shes like a werewolf hunter and that she seduced me, woo’ed me, to get close enough to kill me.

And then by the end DIE IV TY learns how to love himself despite his so called flaws and all that good shit, then he’s back to being all confident and happy.


itl be action packed, ill do the stunts ill do all the special effects, itll be crazy
Because honestly im better with post production.



Then i thought to myself

thats dumb

i'll never be better than michael jackson


Honestly you should  just go away,
i dont want you to know my secret
Why are you even here?

Can you even admit to yourself that you love me?


can you even say it out loud?

say it outloud, just to you??

do i need to be there to tell you “i love you too”?

do you tell me it just to hear it back?

are you only reading this for you?


how many times am i going to have to remind you people that i exist?


iiiii exist


i exist and i haven't talked to my mom in like a week.
you are so mad that i forgot to text YOU back.


i am trying so hard

i’m getting better

But you?

why are you still reading this when i told you to stay away


i DON’T trust you.


why would you be this interested in ME??


likely story
Good one


you just want to make fun of me when i can't hear you

you all just use me for parties, opportunities, connections, FOMO and girls


GO AWAY immediately

Go Away and stay away forevermore before is too late.





















fine. if you want to know then i guess i'll tell you.


i am a WEREWOLF.


im cool to be around, i have fun ideas


i'm a downer, and i am making you so uncomfortable right now.
It makes me so uncomfortable.


sometimes you can't see it...


i have a nice smile


people love me and love to be around me


and i appreciate it so much


it makes me sad to think that people think i don't like them

i feel like everything i say or do
or even
didn't say or do

gets taken harder




more personally


it makes it hard to just



sometimes i just never want to talk



but no pressure


and still...


The secret…

The secret is that i’m a WEREWOLF.

I am a WEREWOLF because

i never had a point to make
& i just needed someone to listen :(


and i just get your attention

and eventually


i just fuck it up

and i break your heart


and i waste your time


and by the time


you figure it all out


by the end of it all


it's too late

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