" It's Alive ! "
presented in TECHNICOLOR
Alternative Hiphop

"It's Alive" serves as a sequel to "Be Humble" in which, DIE IV TY takes on the role of a dead mad scientist. His idea is to find a way to bring someone to life.
Her name is "
The Creature" and DIE IV TY wants to teach her about the importance of appreciating life. 

He teaches her about emotion, the depth of such, the importance of such, the scope & shit like that. Downs are important for the appreciation of up's.
she's dead &
DIE IV TY is bringing her to life, issa meta four.

Also, this project , like all of
DIE IV TY's projects so far, didn't come out exactly how he thought it would, the concept that "It's Alive" comes from that mindfuck.
even though DIE IV TY created it, it wasn't what he expected to create,
like "
The Creature" get it?

The purpose of this project is to give life to the listener and to the Album itself.

DIE IV TY suggest you take on the role of "The Creature" and let the Album give you life. real life big life.


Left down right up x2

Trap / Hiphop

R1R2L1L2 Left Down Right Up x2 , is an Album that is inspired by propaganda art like "Obey" and shit mustard yellow is the most visible color on the color spectrum, most of our advertisement text are in this color.
check out the magazines in line at the grocery store, the text in mustard yellow is what they think gets our attention the most effectively
order to go with Chinese takeout , they give you more food, the container is bigger.

Red is the fastest traveling color.

these pictures were carefully crafted this way, the name R1R2L1L2 is also "propaganda esque", it's the GTA code for weapons, everyone knows it, let it get stuck in your brain again, forever again.
the songs, very rapid fire, very catchy, also use in-depth hypnotic sexy sex techniques to ensure that every single song will get stuck in your head. forever bae

Be Humble
Alternative Hiphop

Be Humble is DIE IV TY's First EP. to put it simply, he is telling other rappers to be humble before they get humbled. because DIE IV TY is the most Lit, most powerful Rapper of all time across the span of an infinite amounts of dimensions and lack thereof, everywhere and nowhere, anywhere but where people believe they fuck with him lyrically on any level at all. 
also though, DIE IV TY is being humble and is actually the most humble person that ever existed in linear time, too.

Top hits Mixtape/Covers

So DIE IV TY's manager wanted him to record a freestyle to "mask off", and DIE IV TY, while writing just really couldnt stop or something i guess. and then about a week later he had 16 16's instead of only one 16.

e decided to name it after Lil Waynes mixtape series, but put "IV" the wait because like DIE "IV" TY and IV is 4 in roman numerals nahh mean.

so yeah DIE IV TY also did "Be Humble" because DIE IV TY had already had a song & Album called Be Humble of which he references in the freestyle and it felt like he should because kendricks songs were dope af. and also did IV because like i said DIE "IV" Ty

wink emoji

Hiphop / "Conscious" Rap / Boom bap

DIE IV TY had a story in mind when he created his mixtape entitled "Kill The fucking King:the Benevolent Beheadings in Hell,NY"

a young boy grew up in hell surrounded by family friends and demons, a tower over looked them with a bitch ass King at the top of it. so one day, The Boy (Moriarty Mitch) decided to climb the tower and kill the king to take his place. he fills a bag full of family friends love happiness and all that good shit. but as he climbs the tower the bag becomes too heavy for him, he starts the drop off the things in the bag to reach the top of the tower, ultimately ending up with an empty bag he wears over his head as he executes the king, beheads the nigga right. then he takes his place as the new King , knowing that one day another will come and do the same to him. but thats just life.