Thanks to IV "Space-Time Utopia" is now available to everyone that knows it exists.
"Space-time Utopia" is a place you will now always be. "Space-time Utopia" is wherever you "Want" to be  
By Reading this you are now connected ; forever.
Now you must figure out what you "want" so that you can go there.


it is suggested that by following these guidelines you will be able to figure out exactly what you want 
so that you can maneuver safely through spacetime Utopia.

1. Star  : Study of Purpose

You must PURPOSELY learn something new everyday.

You need to find a way to make learning "fun" for you. 

and You should spread this knowledge with the people closest to you.

You and the people around you should be constantly evolving.


2. The Circadian Cycles : Study of Dialectics and Duality

We don't specifically believe in good or bad and the connotation of a word.

we do believe in positive & negative, Which is what one considers positive or negative. 

we do however, believe in "something" and have faith in ourselves and our ideas.


Duality: "negative" and "positive" combine to create a harmonious outcome. 

Dialectics is Negative and positive conflicting to create an outcome. 


There is no wrong side or right side, Choose the side you trust the most.

Take it seriously, Study all sides, and choose the one that best suits your passion.


3. Connection to Home  : Loyalty, Love & Honor 


NEVER speak ILL of your friends behind their back or in front of others. 

when speaking of Friends be grandiose and detailed about your fondness of them, but it must be TRUE.

never say anything about an enemy that you wouldn't say to your enemy; Never lie about your enemies.


4. The Spacetime Highway :

Study of Imagination , Perspective, Experience 


As a human, your Imagination is one of your greatest survival mechanisms, you use your imagination before every choice you make. 

your imagination is like a vehicle into the future, it allows you to see many situations that may happen in the future and choose the best relative destination.

expanding your imagination increases your variables in almost every instance.


Expanding your imagination takes "variety of experience" meaning you need to have multiple different experiences to open your mind to different perspectives.

you can also expand your imagination by experiencing different "art" and "Multimedia: created by others, and also differentiate between original ideas vs Ideas that have already been used.

Learn from everything, strive to increase experience, perspective, & imagination.

5. The Ethics of Disdain: The Study of Hate & Envy


Hatred , for the most part has Terrible consequences, use it wisely.
If you are accused of hatred by a member, you must immediately find out why they feel that way about you (without argument) and attempt to fix it immediately.

If you ever find yourself becoming envious, turn it into inspiration.

But , to be Clear

Joining us means you are attempting to eradicate the most harmful ideologies from the world, your culture, your mind, from spacetime.

6. The Chaos Theory:

Study of Information & Understanding

All information in one way or another could be considered "subjective" or can be "argued" a rule of thumb is to remember that they make sure that in conversation you know what the person means by what they are saying, By asking many questions.

Make sure that the person you are speaking to , understands that you understand. Words should only mean to you what the person saying them meant by them.

7. The Unforgivable Taboo:
NEVER Abuse your Power

8. The Final rule of "Infinity"


All Things have infinite power, You have Infinite power, and so does everyone else, please Never doubt anyone.


All things living and non living are capable of close to infinite possibilities , and should be respected as such.

even the people you must take up arms against should never be doubted.


You Should be able to learn from anyone.