Album Cover Kill The Fucking King_ Benev

DIE IV TY had a story in mind when he created his mixtape entitled "Kill The fucking King:the Benevolent Beheadings in Hell,NY"

a young boy grew up in hell surrounded by family friends and demons, a tower over looked them with a bitch ass King at the top of it. so one day, The Boy (Moriarty Mitch) decided to climb the tower and kill the king to take his place. he fills a bag full of family friends love happiness and all that good shit. but as he climbs the tower the bag becomes too heavy for him, he starts the drop off the things in the bag to reach the top of the tower, ultimately ending up with an empty bag he wears over his head as he executes the king, beheads the nigga right. then he takes his place as the new King , knowing that one day another will come and do the same to him. but thats just life.