Left down right up x2

Trap / Hiphop

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R1R2L1L2 Left Down Right Up x2 , is an Album that is inspired by propaganda art like "Obey" and shit mustard yellow is the most visible color on the color spectrum, most of our advertisement text are in this color.
check out the magazines in line at the grocery store, the text in mustard yellow is what they think gets our attention the most effectively
order to go with Chinese takeout , they give you more food, the container is bigger.

Red is the fastest traveling color.

these pictures were carefully crafted this way, the name R1R2L1L2 is also "propaganda esque", it's the GTA code for weapons, everyone knows it, let it get stuck in your brain again, forever again.
the songs, very rapid fire, very catchy, also use in-depth hypnotic sexy sex techniques to ensure that every single song will get stuck in your head. forever bae