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a Short Story by Tyre Amir King



She was amazing.

She was amazing & Her presence was feared by everyone close enough to feel the pressure radiating intensely just outside of her being.

And so just by “being”, she was intimidating.


She reminded you to appreciate, appreciate the beauty in everything. Appreciate life. Appreciate the life in everything.

The life in her eyes reminded you of youth.

The life in her eyes made your life flash before your own like they say it does before you “kick the can”, a cool way to say “die”.

Too cool in front of her, thinking of your survival, your personality, pretending to be too unique to eliminate.

Her presence was feared by everyone.


Time would move faster around her, the life in her reminded you of time you've wasted.

Everything should have been to have that, to BE that.




You should have appreciated life more.

Now that her eyes are so close to yours, close enough to see hers fixed on your neck. The life in her eyes made yours flash before your own, like they say it does when you die.

And before you know it, your are dying.

Before you know it, you are dying a better death than most, getting what came out of wanting what you couldn't get. Before you know it, she has killed you.

you are left spiritless

absorbed of all energy.

No afterlife

Just a hell.


That is what legend says about "Succubus"

that, and that she lives by herself in a castle and that all types including mine have come to reach, study or take her in some way.

Some call her a vampire, and say that she is the daughter of a wealthy merchant named Dracula of whom used to travel from town to town. They say Dracula had been chased out of each of these towns for his volatile views and peculiar practices and eventually was able to take refuge in this weird ass town called Nesfuratutuvania (its like LA and how you cant really tell how weird someone actually is, but with rain). Some others say that Succubus isnt actually a vampire and that her family just, actually, secretly runs the town and that she gets away with literal murder..


And so she does it lol.



The bartender looked at me seriously.
"Man dont go near that woman, people disappear. You know how many chumps like you come through and try it?" The man lectured, fixing his fitted cap

"I just want to see what the fuss is about" die iv ty said cooly af drinking on some fuckin drank



you should know,

you bought it


"i mean im just curious"

The bartender smiled

"You know what curiosity did to the cat?"
He said , still seriously enough.


He started to pour another drink

"Killed it" die iv ty answered

"It led the cat to her damn house and it got its fucking blood sucked out" the bartender yelled, over the music, making sure he was heard.

"Curiosity got its blood sucked out?... Then what happened to the cat?” replied die iv ty

"The cat got killed smart ass.. Curiosity led it to the… it got it k… nevermind " the bartender smirked

"Ill go up there like 6 times and save 3 lives, might even let you talk me to death once or twice" die iv ty interrupted with a bellow of laughter



"You arent a cat" the bartender said as he passed DIE IV TY a drink “its a new brandy, try it out”



"Well then ill tell you what i say about curiosity, i say when you can trust what you want, your intuition, your desires, your body will do all of the work for you, you are just mixing that word up with interest or inspiration. Im going with the flow and its brought me to this place. What can i say? Im on autopilot" Die iv ty said before taking a sip of the brandy.

"You are too smart for your own good kid, its gonna get you killed, be logical about this" the bartender added

"I am being logical, i work the hardest when its for what i want, i just have to transfer the energy into what i do"

"What do you do?"

"Heres a tip"

Die iv ty tipped the bartender a couple dollars and moved on toward the castle.


4. Funeral

Walking through the creepy forest on the way to her house , he thought about the bartender, was he being totally honest? Itd seem that every person he has talked to had told him to stay away but to DIE IV TY they seemed to be plagued with the same curse of curiosity, they loved to talk about her, they loved all of the stories, the legends. They told him to stay away from her with such passion that it seemed they wanted to have her to themselves and that everyone that went made them feel that much more insecure, they would go themselves but are afraid, and if die iv ty wasnt afraid, it made them cowards.


"Surely he was doubting me" DIE IV TY thought out loud




A girl like this, the talk of the town, the prom queen, the don da da,  everyone must want her for themselves. Her legends lured die iv ty here from very far away

When he reached the door

he knocked and she... Answered.

She answered the door and looked straight at him, not wondering

just sure.

She had knew why he had come.



DIE IV TYs face went numb as his mind just went

"What was the bartender's name even? Who the hell was he? And I assumed he was doubting me? But i dont know a thing about him, maybe i doubted him. I didnt even care about the depth of the information, the wealth of information i couldve gotten before throwing myself into this reckless situation, i dont even know this girls name"

"What is your name?" Said DIE IV TY trying to hide his embarrassment

"What is yours?" She replied

"How could i not have introduced myself first" die iv ty thought rather intensively glad that it didnt burst out "my name is DIE IV TY"

"Die for ty?" She asked, staring die iv ty in the eyes, seemingly curious, interested, or like she doesnt speak to many others

"what an interesting name you must be from very far away"

DIE IV TY, took his hands out his pockets, thinking to himself that noone seems to like him when his hands are in his pockets

"Well yes, i do come from far away." Die iv ty said, trying to be louder, to appear more confident

"And what did you come here for"

DIE IV TY looks down, "well... To be honest... I just wanted to see you. But now i feel bad for wasting your time and i think im going to leave."

"Well, if you want to, maybe you can come in. You actually remind me of someone i knew, itd be cool to know more about you. I do have people come to see me all the time and i do hear the rumors, honestly im a bit boring and the people who come see me for whatever reason tend to just go back home" she laughed a bit

“I learn more about them”

"Oh they go back home?" Die iv ty laughed, "so you arent a blood thirsty vampire then?

"Ha ha i think sometimes that Im so boring that people just make up stories about me" she laughed

"Well the rumors surrounding your beauty are definitely true , i can clearly see that thats a fact"

She looked down as her face slowly began to express what one would normally assume was related to sadness "oh so you are one of those"

"What do you mean?" Die iv ty responded maybe too fast

"You came here because you heard of my beauty"

"Oh sorry, sometimes i forget that people are used to mannerisms that are lost on me, its no offense to you or them, i think what you are expecting from me is common enough to be more than likely, an accurate assumption but i assure you, although the stories of your beauty are true and are part of your lore and a factor in my curiosity" DIE IV TY subconsciously put his hands back in his pocket "i assure you that that isnt even half the reason im here, i also am very conscious of how it looks and how i come off" over talking

She smiled a bit
"Well why are you here?"

"Well i mean... Im just curious... I wanted to get to know you, my reasons are changing as we speak, im really just going with the flow... Im like... On autopilot... Gotta experience new things before you like... Kick the can, ya know?"

"Experience new things?"



"Hey look nevermind i just am gonna go"

"Well hey i dont mean it like that"

"No no its nothing to do with you, im just, im just unprepared for this, maybe I'll come back"

"Well yeah... I think thatd be cool, you should come back, we can talk about it"

"Yeah... Im sorry"

"No... Dont be, i told you i run people away all the time haha its okay"

"No i mean... I meant that its me, that i just have to go get my mind together, figure out why im even here"

"Well figure it out fast and come back"



7. They're watching you

As die iv ty left the house he had gotten sinking feeling, it was as if he was being watched. He felt like the whole world just saw his nervous ass, bail, hard, sweating bullets. Walking back through the creepy forest was worst, he was mad. Maybe she had really wanted him to come in.

A good portion of the fear did come from the rumors, real or not.


The rumors that she is a man eater

"FUCK! I still didnt even get her name" die iv ty bursted out

Die iv ty felt even worst.

how could he be so selfish as to come all the way here to see a girl he knew nothing about and with the opportunity to gather more information, he doesnt.

Was this just some obsessive delusion?

Did he build his own imaginative story to surround his obsession like he felt that everyone else in this town was guilty of?

"Wait... No... She did seem interested in me, and it did seem as if i am more interesting than the others that came to see her.. Part of my knowing is that her reaction to me is based on a common action that the people that come to meet her all have in common. She grouped me up with the type of person im opposed too, which would mean that we are opposed to similar things.Whether or not she believes that i havent come here based solely on her beauty, i still seem to be the opposite of what she didnt seem to like…”

"Im over thinking this" die iv ty thought again out loud "what do i even want from her?”

"You know that i can smell your thoughts cant you?" whispered a voice in the woods. The voice was beautiful, melodic but you couldnt help but to notice its un earthly origin, its uniqueness would be an alert to anyone. It was her.

"You cant fool me DIE IV TY. “


The voice whistling through the trees


“You are trying to fool me with your thoughts”

“Demon hunter”


“I know youve come to kill me. I know youve come to gauge my ability before the hunt.

And i know you are manipulating your thoughts to cover up that smell.
i know why you're really here"

Die iv ty looks up intensely

“tell me why im here then Succubus”

"To slay me"

"At this point youre slaying yourself"


8. Nosebleed

At that moment DIE IV TY took out his crossbow and aimed it at her heart

"Maybe it doesnt have to be this way" DIE IV TY yelled

"Youre still trying to...."

Die iv ty interrupted Succubus with a sharp bolt toward the heart in which she dodged immediately with a backflip.


Before die iv ty could react, she was already close enough to strike!

just missing him as he evaded, blood leaking from the side of his face onto his clothes now.

Just as he was about to recover, SUCCUBUS whipped her hand at him with the same impressive speed that cut open his cheek and his own blood splatter blinded him.

He could hear her approach and braced himself for connection. Dodging as much as he could from the blow it still managed to break the skin, muscle and bone in his left shoulder and the blood covered his sleeve, staining the tree behind him.


Die iv ty fell to his knees


“You could have just killed me, Demon”

"You know... We like to play with our food"

Die iv ty threw blood back in her eyes hoping to blind her, but she didnt seem phased as. She licked the blood off of her own eye. Not batting an eye.


He still took that opportunity to get away


She let him.

Dieivty knew that she'd be tough but he was totally unprepared to defeat a demon of her caliber and very surprised to realize that a demon of her caliber even existed.


9. Double Feature funeral

It was extremely painful for die iv ty to run with all his might with these injuries. When he got home he started to wrap up his wounds.

after that went straight to setting up demon traps and anti demon hexes around his home.

However in the back of his mind he knew that, eventually shed get passed all of the hexes and all of the traps and that hed still have to kill her by his own hand and skill.

Hopefully shed be at least a bit injured.

DIE IV TY had secretly been a demon hunter for years. He had traveled from one place to the next trying to find demons that provided to be a challenge. DIE IV TY had a good heart but was honest with himself, his skill should not be wasted on lesser demons. DIE IV TY had always been, not just the best demon hunter, but a unique one that could attract, specific, rare, powerful demons and he took pride in that. If he didnt enjoy finding a challenge his life would be too challenging seeing as to how powerful demons seem to be attracted to him. Before DIE IV TY was a demon hunter he was very attracted to the idea of attraction, he wanted to figure out how it worked before he knew what he wanted to attract. He was fascinated with it l. He was obsessed with the idea of knowing what people wanted, being what people wanted. He figured out that most things, just like him, at the time, didnt know why they wanted what they wanted at all. And in most cases wanted exactly what they didnt have or exactly what someone else wanted. People want chaos, people want change, any change. Die iv ty practiced to became that, change, chaos, art. The attractiveness converted into chaos is a simple concept, humans with the capacity to create, must create because they are the only ones on the physical plane of  earth, that can.

But experiences are needed to build an imagination and an imagination is needed to create a thing or make any decision. Because of this, we all crave chaos because we crave unique experiences.

these subconscious cycles just go on and on.

Die iv ty became choas, he became fun, art, purposefully, that is where his power lies.
He didnt know he would become a demon hunter untill his parents were both killed by Dracula, their heads paraded around on spikes for the whole town to see, their spines still dangling out of the back of the skulls, like ponytails. This is why die iv ty uses his power, to slay




This is no metaphor for inner demons. This is no metaphor for relationships, or women. This story is purely about the fight against evil.

Demons are real.

Demons are one of the infinitly real creatures that exist in dimensions higher than ours.

Having a body is not regular, time is not regular, mortality is not regular, physical destruction and recreation are not things that exist in dimensions higher than ours.
Similar to how you can only create with your imagination.Humans are celestial bodies specifically designed to fight demons. Angels have a hard time dispelling of them because, they are angels, killing them isnt angelic when you are conscious of killing them. so god created humans to destroy these demons, without being aware that they are. Humans usually do this by doing what they do everyday, by staying positive by being happy, they dispell an energy destructive to any demon near. To combat this, demons have evolved to having the ability to posess humans. They can only possess a human if the human isnt admitting powerful enough energy, they tend to lower the targets energy slowly, purposefully. Any being perceiving in these higher dimensions have a different outlook or control of time. Lesser demons usually are the ones that keep you from getting up in the morning, that make sure youre late, make you procrastinate, and that even keep you waiting, in limbo, or the opposite, impulsive, paranoid. They manipulate your time until you can't take it anymore, and when you're not admitting enough energy, a major demon might find you to be a suitable host.

Some humans, like DIE IV TY are able to perceive these different dimensions in various ways, for instance there are some humans who can tell the immediate future, especially when its being affected in a way that isnt normal.

There are some who can hear thoughts.
Every thought is physical, every sound you can imagine is physical, everything you imagine is a physical construction in the 4th dimension  and has a possibility to be seen or affected by others.



Nobody is special, everyone is capable of any of these powers, but each take time, energy, plenty of practice, so most focus on maybe just a few of these practices.

Some of these people become fortune tellers some own a fortune 500.

some become demon hunters.

I cant help but judge the ones who take the easy way out.

Die iv ty had studied attraction, which may seem vain to a nonbeliever, and non believing is for some humans, a job given to them by 1 higher dimensional being or another.

But for DIE IV TY Attraction is the perfect tool for demon hunting.

The time and space surrounding DIE IV TY is constantly absorbed from a multitude of dimensions ,into a single point and then is exerted out into reality in the form of random, chaotic, confusing, hypocritical , conflicting, dialectical, opposing energies in an unbiased explosion of whatever that was absorbed in the area.

Similar to that of the cycle of a star and black hole.

More similar to that of the cycle of the big bang and the big crush.

It sounds distasteful but when mixed in the way an expert does, it always comes out to be exactly what his opposers wanted. Everytime.

all energies, light, sound, space, time surrounding  DIE IV TY is absorbed into the center of DIE IV TYs being, or soul negative or positive.

This allows him to not be affected by a demons manipulation of time, while attracting chaos, no one around him can know him

and noone around him knows what will happen while around him.


The chaos attracts all things.

but mostly demons.

Good thing DIE IV TY was a demon hunter. Lucky for everyone really.

Lucky for everyone except for Succubus

DIE IV TY could smell her killing intent scent from inside his condo. Hexes work, its an old trick but when you have imagination, everything can become a useful tool, it always depends.

"Lets see how well you can adapt succubus"

⛅ The first hex is a a weak hex it brings the rain out of whatever clouds are above, this is usually for imps and trolls but i want to throw off her scent, thats all. Her smell is her primary source of reading energy.

⚡ The second is an absorb hex, it will absorb her energy just a bit, hopefully she will assume that i did it to be funny. Seeing as to how shes the one usually doing the absorbing. Hopefully it angers her.

✨ The third hex is a bigger physical force blocking shield, hopefully she will be offended by the hex, thinking that in my grandeur i wasnt joking and that i actually thought i absorbed enough energy to stop her from breaking this shield.

🍜 The 4th hex is a garlic hex and it severely weekends vampire type demons, most of them smell it but by the time she reaches it.


her scent will be off

and her emotions will have been at least a bit fucked up.

"All i have to do is wait" die iv ty thought out loud as he lifted his one handed crossbow

"Wait for what, human?" A voice said, a voice they quickly grew familiar.

Succubus was standing on the ceiling above Die iv ty, his own blood dripping from off of her body back down to his.


11. Happy

Seemingly unphased, DIE IV TY stared up at her.


"There are laws in the universe you just shouldnt break"

"I do what i need , with your puny space and time, i can see that you manipulate it as well"

"The difference between me and you SUCCUBUS… is that im not doing it on purpose"

"the time distortion surrounding me is a product of my inherent interest and curiosity and only that. my being a demon hunter is the fault of your father"

Succubus laughed

"You want to kill, just like any other human, its what you were created for, to destroy, its all you can do, everything that you build is from rubble. Little human boy you are just a tool for the destruction of demons and you being a demon hunter is the fault of your own destiny and innerworkings, our difference is that i can admit it"

"Touche... Look... I can debate with you the philosophy of it, forever but unfortunately time is scarier than you are"

"Yes, You're only human,

but what are you gonna do?

I saw through your pathetic hexes

i even smelled you trying to manipulate my scent with those narrow thoughts of yours, it was a good trick, trying to confuse me with your thoughts, consciously thinking you could trick me so easily, trying to anger me with your doubt in my ability. Hiding your intentions by aligning them with the similar intention you wanted me to think you had for me, with the hexes.
Impressive for a human."

"Oh what do you like me now again? You want me to be tricked by your magic so bad, demon.

No, Succubus youll have to kill me knowing that, that bull shit doesnt work on everyone, youre a fraud and a flake'”

die iv ty begins to stand as well as he could looking her back in her eyes.

"And this time... You came to me"

He smiled and continued

"Whos really the succubus? Its funny because everything you want so bad out of the humans you eat, i obtain naturally.

You are a leech. i am a King.

i dont need to absorb shit,

I will be given the energy by you and everyone else.

because in the end of it all, we know the deal ! You dont do shit with that energy for anyone but you, you dont create or give back, you control, you kill for control and cant even kill without it.

All you can do with your low life is “anything” to feel like you have some sort of power by making the things around you bend to your own will.

You are creature that is aware and purposefully reductive to the progression of the universe and the pursuit of happiness.”

She sucks her teeth and drops down from the ceiling to die iv tys face

"Yeah, and thats the only thing youll be sucking with those" DIE IV TY said, slowly, seriously


12 Die for ty Theme song

"Succubus you've controlled the things around you for so long that you are attracted to the same chaos that surrounds my being. you are attracted to your attraction toward me because if you had it, youd be more attractive and more effective at catching prey"

“ youre Jealous”

Attraction is not about control and love is not about chaos, none of the people you kill,actually love you Succubus. Your prey consists of weak mortal souls whos sin was only lust, only conquest

You yourself are incapable of love and thus incapable of being as attractive as i am,  loved you fake what i have"

"But the demons i kill?... Like your father? .. Deacula?... They LOVE ME before they go. Impressed just like you are. You like it."

Die iv ty then stabbed Succubus in the heart with a cross shaped sword wiping the surprise off of her face

As he then brought her closer

And closer

Close enough for her eyes to see his fixed on her neck

Fangs slowly protruding from the sides of  his mouth

and again... too early... he couldn't resist.




13. Credits



Die iv ty - Die iv ty

Bartender - T.i

Succubus - Zoe Kravitz





Written and produced by